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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Popular Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp

There’s a big difference between a heavy duty tarp and a regular one. For one thing, heavy duty tarps are often much thicker and dual bonded to make sure there’s extra protection, everything from the grommets to the materials is made to be thicker and more resistant and reliable. A good heavy duty, or super heavy duty tarp will be able to withstand anything from the elements to scraping and resistance to stretching and heavy use. People sometimes want a heavy duty white tarp if they need to keep the temperature of their cargo down (white reflects the sun), or they want a heavy duty camo tarp if they want to keep what they’re covering with a low profile. Regardless, the heavy duty canvas tarp is the most common and popular, because it keeps things covered and protected completely.

The Most Popular Heavy Duty Tarps

The reason that the heavy duty canvas tarp is so popular is because it has so many uses. Our selection of high quality heavy duty canvas tarps can do anything from covering large truckloads to hardwood surfaces for painting to athletic fields. They've got the rigor and sturdy build to stand up to anything that you can throw at them, and they can come in any size or color that you need. Whether you want a heavy duty clear tarp so that you can keep an eye on your cargo while also making sure it’s completely protected or any color that will withstand the elements and keep your stuff safe, the heavy duty canvas tarp could be the right tarp for you!

Go with a heavy duty tarp that’s sure to fulfill any purpose you have!

If you need a heavy duty canvas tarp then it’s likely that you’ll be doing something extenuating , or you’ll be subjecting something to extenuating circumstances. With any one of our heavy duty canvas tarp you can be confident that you will defeat the elements, the circumstances, and that whatever you need covered will be kept completely safe! 

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarps

Different tarps are best suited for different situations, for example you wouldn't use the same tarp to cover a truckload that you would to use as a camping shelter. Sometimes you need a tarp that can withstand the elements, that can survive stretching and stress, and vinyl tarps are one of the best to do this. Vinyl tarps are comprised of several different layers heat sealed and made to be water proof and resistant to any wear and tear that normal tarps might not be able to withstand. Like poly tarps, they’re also waterproof. There are a couple different kinds of vinyl tarps to choose from, and you can always get them in different colors and sizes, but the bottom line is a vinyl tarp is a great choice if you need to get a strong and durable tarp for outdoor use.

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

The primary advantage that causes people to go for vinyl tarps is the added durability. Unlike poly which is made of plastic, vinyl tarps are dual bonded and heat sealed with multiple layers to ensure the maximum durability and effectiveness. This added strength makes them perfectly suited for jobs in construction, industry or agriculture. Vinyl tarp material is strong vinyl fabric highly resistant to ripping and abrasions. With a coated vinyl tarp you get the added benefit of no de-lamination that often happens over time with laminated vinyl tarps. You can also get a vinyl coated polyester tarp if you want the benefits of both of them. Whether you’re looking for a clear vinyl tarp or a white vinyl tarp, our online store has the great selection you’re looking for.

If you need the strongest and most durable tarp then vinyl is right for you!

Vinyl tarps are the best choice for lots of different outdoor tarp uses, and they come in all the different colors and specialties that you’re looking for. Vinyl is made to be strong, effective, and resistant to any ripping that can ruin a good tarp, so check out the rest of our site and find the best vinyl tarps available online! 

Benefits of Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps

There are many different kinds of tarp out there that you can choose from, whether it be different materials, purposes, sizes, colors, and more. Making the right choice and finding the best tarp for you is about knowing what you need it for and what conditions it will be used in. Perhaps the most common and popular type of tarp is the poly tarp. This is a polyethylene made tarp with dual side coating and nylon rope reinforcement on the edges. It can be used for almost anything and is suitable for almost any conditions, and that is one reason that it is so popular. You can get anything from a brown poly tarp to a silver poly tarp, and you can use them in all different conditions, whether it be freezing arctic or sweltering desert.

Benefits of Poly Tarps

 There are many benefits to using poly tarps, for one they’re one of the less expensive choices available because polyethylene is cheaper to develop. They’re completely waterproof, they maintain flexibility in arctic and freezing conditions unlike many other types of tarp which get rigid and thus become vulnerable to ripping. On the environmental flip side poly tarps also handle the sun very well, in the Arizona desert heat many types of tarp will peel or weaken, but poly tarps are much more durable. They are lighter than most other kinds of tarp, and this is dually beneficial because not only do people generally want lighter tarps, but it brings down shipping costs as well. You can get all different kinds, sizes, and colors, from a white poly tarp to a blue poly tarp you can always get the exact kind that you want. With their range of benefits and affordable cost, poly tarps may be the perfect choice for you!

Take your pick of poly tarps from our wide selection!

Oftentimes people simply want the most durable and flexible tarp, the one that will keep them covered and withstand the elements, and poly tarps are more than capable of doing this. We’ve got a wide selection of the best poly tarps on the internet, so take a look and find the one that’s right for you.

Who May Need Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Tarps

Sometimes you just need a tarp for something simple, like a canvas tarp when you’re doing some painting, or a poly tarp to do a little camping out in the woods, but in other situations you could be up against the full force of mother nature, and that’s where heavy duty tarps come in. There are many different people in many different situations that may need heavy duty tarps, some of which may not know or expect it. For instance, pickup truck tarps are often not considered heavy duty, but if you live in the desert, like perhaps Arizona, then it’s common for your standard tarp to be rotting and destroyed within a year due to the sheer power and magnitude of the sun. A heavy duty tarp is the answer to that problem, and to many more!

Who Need Heavy Duty Tarps?

People often need tarps to withstand the elements, and if they’ll be doing so incessantly or intensely then a heavy duty tarp is likely the answer. If you need a tarp to cover a large amount of dirt that you’ll be moving or shoveling then you may want heavy duty considering all the scraping that will come from rocks and sediments. If you need to cover something in an environment where there’s snow, hail, or lots of rain, or even just a very strong and powerful sun, then a heavy duty tarp may be the answer. If you need a tarp that will stay strong, won’t rip or be too damaged in a big storm or for your boat, then a heavy duty tarp may be the answer. The bottom line is, if you need to ensure the strength and security of your tarp against the elements then a heavy duty tarp will get the job done!

Make sure your tarp can get the job done!

Having a ripped tarp, or a tarp that doesn't work properly and allows what you need protected to be damaged can be a great annoyance. A tarp heavy duty makes sure that this doesn't happen, that you’re always adequately protected against anything that comes! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Select the Right Lightweight Tarp

Tarps are commonly very heavy for numerous reason: for one the heavier ones are commonly the thicker and thus provided the most thorough and reliable protection (though this isn't always the case), also it’s common for people to want tarps to be heavier so that they won’t come off easily through things like the wind. However lightweight tarps can be more desirable and effective for numerous reasons as well. They can be easier to install and use, cheaper to ship, and are often just as effective as heavier ones in terms of how durable they are. Furthermore, they’re very popular to use while camping since they can function as tents and many other things and aren't difficult to carry around.

Select the Right Lightweight Tarp

When it comes to a lightweight tarp shelter the best choice is poly tarp. It’s effective as a means of shelter because it’s waterproof, and it is very light and easy to travel with. There are many different kinds of lightweight tarp, they can be poly, nylon, canvas, and more. Nylon is another good choice for lightweight tarp camping, or to make a lightweight tarp tent, because it’s similar to poly in its ability to hold off the elements. Also, for camping, and especially for hunting, a lightweight camo tarp will likely be the best choice to keep yourself concealed and low profile. Whether it be nylon or poly, and whether you want a lightweight tarp for camping or canvassing, our online store has a great selection of all the tarps that you could need!

Take your pick of the best lightweight tarp selection at our online store!

Knowing which tarp lightweight is best for you all depends on knowing what you need it for. A camping tarp will be quite different from a canvas tarp regardless of whether it’s lightweight or not. However our online store offers a wealth of information about all our types of tarp, their uses, and how to make sure that you get the right one for you. Take a look around our online store and find the perfect lightweight tarp today! 

Best Clear Tarps for Your House

Clear Tarps

Tarps are the choice for you if you ever need to keep something covered, to shelter it from the elements, from weather or abrasions, but this kind of covering can also be tough if you need to keep your eye on something. After all, having to continually lift and undo a tarp to look at something can be a huge pain, and it can also be obsolete if you need to keep close track of the progression or quality of something (like lots of vegetation or fruit). This is why many people in such situations turn to clear tarps. Clear tarps are highly useful because not only do they keep your cargo safe and covered, as well as allowing continuous viewing, they also allow the sun to get through, which is often hugely important when dealing with agriculture, vegetables or fruit.

Best Clear Tarps for Your House

If you only need to keep something covered, and don’t have to worry about exposing it to the elements or having it handled and dealt with then you can use a clear plastic tarp without having to worry about grommets to keep it tethered. However, there are also good options for clear tarp with grommets, so no matter what you need you can always get a clear tarp. Clear tarp greenhouse is the best option for you to keep your agriculture covered up and safe while also making sure that it gets all the sunlight that it needs.  It doesn't matter if you need a simple clear tarp or clear plastic tarp with grommets, they’re a fantastic choice for you if you need protection with hiding something.

Take your pick of great clear tarps at our online store!

We know that you won’t always need the same kind of tarp, nor the same size or design, so that’s why our online store is here to offer you any and all the tarps that you need for any situation. We've also got some great clear tarps, ruggedly designed and resistant to any tears or rips so you can trust it to do an effective and comprehensive job in keeping your things safe. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Best Survival Tarp Online

Benefits of a Survival Tarp

Are you in the market for a great survival tarp? Learn all about the benefits of the best survival tarp in preparation for buying and throwing up top-level survival tarp shelters and roughing it outdoors.

Tarp Survival Features

So what, exactly, is a survival tarp? You may be aware that tarps can be used for nearly anything when it comes to being outdoors, hiking, trekking or performing any other adventure that puts you in close alignment with nature. With the best survival tarp, you will be relying on one piece of material to do several different functions at different times. Survival tarp shelters can protect you and your equipment from the rain and snow, but that’s only one use of a tarp survival kit. A survival tarp can also be fashioned into a poncho so you stay warm and dry should the weather turn. If the ground is exceedingly wet, you can use tarp survival materials to protect whatever you place on top of it from becoming soggy or even being ruined completely.

Buying a Survival Tarp

The choice to buy the best survival tarp truly depends on your needs and how long you think you’ll be out there in nature. Because it is only one tarp, used for many purposes, a survival tarp can be a single lightweight piece of material that you pack along with all your other gear and bring out when needed. While it is possible to buy an individual tarp for all the aforementioned needs, it is also possible that you can utilize survival tarp shelters and other survival tarp uses even if you don’t know you’ll need them.

The Best Survival Tarp Available

For tarp survival enthusiasts, it is commonly recognized that you may never know when the best survival tarp times have arrived. That is, even if you expect perfect weather and are not traveling far, a situation may conspire against you and you’ll need a survival tarp more than you ever imagined. That’s why it’s important to find the best survival tarp – lightweight, water resistant, and easy to use – so you’ll be safe and dry in any conceivable situation. Rely on survival tarp shelters to keep you safe.

When You May Need a Lightweight Backpacking Tarp

The Importance of a Lightweight Backpacking Tarp

Lightweight tarp backpacking can be a tremendous benefit for anyone out hiking or traveling in nature, especially if weather may turn against you. Find out why lightweight backpacking tarp shelters matter.

Uses of a Lightweight Backpacking Tarp

A lightweight backpacking tarp is an incredibly important element of your preparation and your gear if you are planning to go into nature on a hike or any other sort of long-term adventure. This is because lightweight backpacking tarp shelters can offer protection from the elements that will not only keep your gear safe but will keep you safe, too. Including lightweight tarp backpacking gear when you go out for a hike can mean the difference between life and death should a storm roll in or you somehow find yourself out in the wild when night falls and it becomes particularly cold, windy, or otherwise dangerous. Make sure to learn all about lightweight backpacking tarp so that you will be well prepared when you make your excursions and don’t need to battle the elements on your own.

Lightweight Tarp Backpacking Benefits

There are many benefits intrinsic to the use of lightweight backpacking tarp shelters. For one, lightweight tarp backpacking can be set up into shelter form very quickly and without the need for many constituent parts; a bit of rope and some tree branches or a tree trunk is all you need for a capable shelter. Further, lightweight backpacking tarp shelters go a long way toward offering you protection against the most dangerous and uncomfortable elements, such as rain, wind and snow. Using a lightweight backpacking tarp will protect you and your gear from being soiled or even destroyed.

You Need Lightweight Backpacking Tarp Shelters

We understand that no one plans to be out in the wild at night without lightweight tarp backpacking – after all, mistakes can happen. But it is in the best interest of every adventurer and nature enthusiast for them to make plans in case something goes wrong. With lightweight backpacking tarp as a common part of your gear, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can protect yourself and your equipment no matter what weather you encounter. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

5 Things you should know about Poncho Tarp

Five Great Benefits of a Poncho Tarp

Curious about whether or not you need a tarp poncho the next time you go out hiking or camping? Find out why you should make the effort to buy the best poncho tarp with these five things you should know.

Number One: A Poncho Tarp is Disposable

A poncho tarp doesn't need to continue to take up space in your backpack or in your car if you don’t want it to. Buy a lightweight plastic tarp poncho and enjoy the benefits of it without having to keep dragging it around after you have used it.

Number Two: A Tarp Poncho is Affordable

Because the best poncho tarp is inherently lightweight, it doesn't necessitate the heavy duty material that you may want in other tarps, such as those you use to protect equipment long term or to set up a tent. This means a backpacking poncho tarp will be affordable.

Number Three: The Best Poncho Tarp Protects Against the Rain and Snow

The big aspect of poncho tarps is, of course, what they’re used for – protection against the elements. A poncho tarp can be thrown over anyone of any size and protect them against rain, snow, wind or any other elements that may start falling from the sky. You can wear your backpack or other bag underneath the poncho tarp in order to protect it and the rest of your gear, too.

Number Four: Your Backpacking Poncho Tarp can be used for Other Things

If you don’t want to dispose of your tarp poncho immediately, no problem – put it to use later on your adventure as flooring for the best poncho tarp tent, or to protect any other equipment you may have from the weather.

Number Five: Poncho Tarps are Easy to Make

Backpacking poncho tarp materials can easily be fashioned into a covering for any person with the addition of a single hole – the one for your head. That’s it! You can cut holes in your poncho tarps before your trip or do it on the go. If you find you don’t have to use a poncho tarp, use the material for some other purpose later on during your trip.

Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Choose the Best Boat Cover

Choosing an Amazing Boat Cover

If you’re looking for a boat cover, there are several different kinds to choose from. Learn how to cover a boat with a tarp so that it protects your investment from the elements and keeps you happy long term!

Picking a Boat Cover That’s Right

It’s not an easy job to pick a boat cover that’s just right, but it’s something you’ll have to do if you want to protect your boat the right way. Whether you’re looking for a pontoon boat cover, a boat mooring cover or a sunbrella boat cover, the truth of the matter is you need something to shield your investment from the elements. Our boat cover material is strong and wind-resistant, helping protect objects within your boat from flying out and getting lost. We can also augment it to be a waterproof boat cover, helping protect against the horrors of rust during a long, melting spring.

Get a Pontoon Boat Cover

A pontoon boat cover is a boat cover specifically designed for the kind of vessel that you sail, and it features a number of great benefits to protect your boat from weather and other damage that may occur, on and off the water. The boat cover snaps help the pontoon boat cover fasten securely onto the boat, keeping it in place. It’s important you learn how to cover a boat with a tarp and snap on boat cover fasteners so that it doesn't fly away should a wind blow up. For something smaller, check out our job boat cover and utilize the waterproof boat cover feature to add a little extra protection.

Trust in Quality Boat Cover Material

With our boat cover materials, you’ll be able to take advantage of all kinds of boat cover material to help keep your investment in good shape. From a pontoon boat cover with sturdy boat cover snaps to a waterproof boat cover and a boat mooring cover, we've got all the protection you’ll need to make it safely through the winter. Trust us for your boat cover requirements and enjoy the great benefits high quality boat cover material can provide. You’ll be happy you did.

Gazebo Cover – Buy it Online!

Buy the Best Gazebo Cover Online

Looking for a great gazebo cover that will keep your gazebo protected from the elements while adding to its aesthetic? We have wonderful gazebo cover replacement options available for all types and styles!

Choosing a Great Gazebo Cover

Your choices are limitless when you choose to seek a great gazebo cover with our huge array of styles and types. A gazebo replacement cover is meant to ward off the elements like snow and rain, keeping you dry and safe below while lounging in your backyard during a lazy Sunday afternoon. One important aspect of choosing a replacement gazebo cover is to have its color and style match well with the gazebo itself. If you have a gazebo that is of a classical style and painted white, you may prefer a less synthetic gazebo replacement cover that matches its color and texture. The sky is the limit when it comes to decisions for a gazebo cover; all you need to do is figure out what would best suit you, and we’ll do the rest!

Gazebo Cover Replacement Decisions

You have a lot to consider before you dive into getting a new gazebo cover. For one, do you truly need a gazebo cover replacement, and if so, why? Was it because your last gazebo cover was damaged and, therefore, you need a replacement gazebo cover made of stronger materials to resist whatever weather destroyed the previous one? Or perhaps you’re looking for a gazebo replacement cover because the other was too worn and the color was beginning to fade, leading to an aesthetic mess that you need to improve and repair. Whatever the reason, be sure you understand how it will impact your future gazebo cover decisions and the choices you will make.

Buying a Replacement Gazebo Cover

Now that you’re clear on all the ins and outs of gazebo cover decision making, it’s time for you to buy a gazebo cover replacement that will protect your space for family fun during holidays, vacations or just a lazy weekend afternoon. Contact us today to figure out your type of gazebo cover replacement, and we’ll get to work straightaway assisting your needs and providing advice. 

Building a Patio Cover in Simple Steps

How to Build a Patio Cover Simply

Building a patio cover can be a great way to spend your spare time and save you a lot of money. If you want great protection from weather, you’ll build a patio cover using the great steps we have below.

Building a Patio Cover: Step One

The first step in building a patio cover is to choose what type of patio cover you want. There are several different kinds to choose from, like canvas or lattice, and the type you choose will impact later steps when it comes time to get into the process and build a patio cover that will work the way that you want it to work. When beginning the process and learning how to build patio cover materials, keep in mind you must also set its customization.

Building a Patio Cover: Step Two

The second step in building a patio cover is to figure out how much weight it needs to bear. If you are in a location where there is heavy snowfall in the winter, you should be building a patio cover that can hold more weight than if you were in a location where there is little or no snowfall in the winter. The same applies when you build a patio cover to withstand heavy rain.

Building a Patio Cover: Step Three

The third step in building a patio cover is to get all your materials together in order to prepare for building. It is important you understand just how to build a patio cover at this point in terms of the engineering aspects, as a mistake could lead to collapse and possible injuries. No one wants that.

Building a Patio Cover: Step Four

The fourth step in building a patio cover is to bring all your tools necessary and make sure that they are all fully operational. If you’re not the type to build a patio cover on your own, hire a workman or a team who can do it for you.

Building a Patio Cover: Step Five

The fourth step in building a patio cover is to set to it. Make sure you build patio cover structures that are green and safe.

Buy a Cover Patio for your Garden

Take Advantage of a Cover Patio

Having a cover patio can offer a lot of protection, not only for the plants and flowers that are in your patio, but also for your friends and family who spend time there. Learn more about a patio heater cover!

Why Cover Patio Space?

There are several different reasons why you may choose to utilize covering for your patio space. For one, a patio heater cover can help to insulate the space during the winter months, not only providing protection from the elements like sleet or snow, but also keeping in the warmth from your heater and not letting any of it escape into the frigid air. This is a tremendous advantage for homeowners concerned about rising utility bills, and who have turned to a patio cover tarp for help. A further benefit is that patio cover material can be customized in length and size so no matter how large or small your patio is, you can have a cover patio solution to solve your difficulties with weather or other issues.

Using a Patio Heater Cover

As stated, a patio heater cover is advantageous for a number of reasons. As utility bills continue to rise and affect the ability for families to save as much money as they’d like for their children and their future, a patio cover tarp can make a big dent in the amount necessary to allocate to paying off use of a heater. Patio cover material is incredibly adept and useful when it comes to trapping heat and making sure none of it gets out, and this is a huge boon for families on a budget.

The Choice of a Patio Cover Tarp

Now that you understand the various benefits and why you should cover patio space, it is time to meet with our professionals and experts so we can determine what type and size of patio heater cover would best suit your needs. Remember that a patio cover tarp is customizable in many different ways, so your own personal taste can be reflected in your final choices. Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to patio cover material, so take the chance to learn more!

Best Tarp Covers Online

Number One Tarp Cover Provider

Tarp covers have a lot of different uses, from keeping objects dry to protecting them from the sun. Learn about our custom tarp covers and how tarp covering can be used in all kinds of ways for your business!

Uses of Tarp Covers

Tarp covers boast myriad uses, and it’s important that a buyer fully understands what it is that custom tarp covers can do and what it is that they cannot do. Tarp covering materials are primarily used in construction, farming, and in situations where heavy machinery is present or pieces of equipment may come in contact with the elements. Cover tarps are used in order to stop rain and snow from causing rust to develop and build up on metallic surfaces, such as tools, boats, wires or anything else that needs to be kept dry. A cover tarp can also be utilized for protection against the sun, for example when using tarp covers that are translucent as part of a tent or other external structure where you want natural light but also protection from the wind or insects.

Buying Custom Tarp Covers

The choice to buy custom tarp covers usually comes out of a need for a specific size and length that is not commonly used, either because you are creating a special structure or you have very specific needs for covering equipment, produce, or other objects. A cover tarp can also be customized in terms of its color, which may be a very useful choice if you are trying to camouflage expensive machinery or other materials that you fear may be stolen at a construction site overnight. Conversely, you may want to color your tarp covers in a bright tone in order to signal danger and for people to stay away from the materials.

Trust in Tarp Covering

Whatever it is that you use tarp covers for, we have a solution for you. We offer custom tarp covers so you can specify what your needs are, and we offer standard tarp covering to protect against elements like wind, sleet, snow, rain and sun. You can cover tarps simply to protect against rust, or to guard against thieves or other types of damage.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Choosing Patio Cover Designs

Choose the Best Patio Cover Designs
There is a wide range of patio cover designs from which you can choose, allowing you to customize your patio in any way you see fit. Check out our patio cover plans for ideas and pick your own direction!

Types of Patio Cover Designs
There are a number of various patio cover designs to utilize. Whether you want your patio to look modern, seasonal, traditional or classical, we have patio cover plans that can meet all your requirements and help you to customize your spaces so that you feel the most comfortable you possibly can. Patio cover ideas abound in home and space design, and we have professionals and experts who are ready to help you reach your home’s full potential. If you need a patio cover design for only one season, we can accommodate you by tailoring your patio cover materials so that they only resist the snow, leaving rain free to feed your plants and flowers during the spring and summer months.

Patio Cover Plans can help
We also boast detailed and finely crafted wood patio cover designs if that is the style in which you would like your patio cover plans to follow. Patio cover designs are malleable and can be made individual in order to better fit into your own personal taste for your space and home. Patio cover designs are not simply aimed at quickly and conveniently throwing up a tarp; they need to be fitted around what already exists and added on in a way that complements what is already there, bringing out a whole new dimension to the space for your own comfort.

Try Our Patio Cover Ideas
We have a bevy of patio cover ideas ready to impress our customers at a moment’s notice. Create your own patio cover design in collaboration with our experts and professionals so that your own tastes can come to the fore. Wood patio cover designs are always popular, as are modern patio cover designs that bring out straight and simple lines while keeping your patio looking sleek and contemporary. No matter what style it is that you prefer, there are patio cover plans ready and waiting for you.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ordering Custom Tarps from Online Providers

The Benefits of Ordering Custom Tarps

Custom tarps are tailored specifically for use for unique situations, and this makes them a great choice for those looking to take advantage of a custom tarps protection and benefits. 

Using Custom Made Tarps

There are a number of great benefits to be derived from using custom made tarps. Custom tarps give you a tremendously varied number of options when it comes to the color of the custom tarps, the size of the custom tarps and, perhaps most importantly, the material of the custom made tarps. Custom made tarps come in three major different types of materials: canvas custom tarps, poly custom tarps and vinyl custom tarps. Poly custom made tarps are best when you need something that is particularly resistant to the elements, such as wind damage or heavy rains or hail. Canvas tarps are more natural and organic, and therefore may be of better use if you are dealing with fruit, vegetables or plants. It is all based around context.

Choosing Custom Size Tarps

Custom size tarps vary across a wide range, making them sort of custom made tarps that you can use for nearly any possible function. If you want custom boat tarps, chances are you will making them at a different size than custom truck tarps. You may need custom tarps to cover an enclosure at a party that is being held outdoors, and that, again, will be a different size than either custom boat tarps or custom truck tarps. Remember that the size of the custom tarps will need to be such that it covers the entire surface area of whatever it is you are trying to protect, so there is no harm in slightly overestimating the size of something to ensure complete protection.

Custom Boat Tarps vs. Custom Truck Tarps

Custom boat tarps will probably want to be fire resistant, but there is little reason to make the custom tarps water resistant, as the boat is designed specifically to become wet. Custom truck tarps will need to protect against flying debris as well as the elements, so you will want to make custom tarps for trucks very strong as well as waterproof. 

Request A Custom Tarp Quote: http://www.tarpsurplus.com/

Small Guide on Vinyl Tarps

Learn all About Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are among the most popular tarps available. Learn all about clear vinyl tarps and other types of vinyl tarps in this small but informative guide all about the different kinds of vinyl tarps for sale.

Using Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps have myriad uses across many different fields and functions. Vinyl tarps are used to protect different pieces of equipment from weather, such as farm machinery, construction machinery, cars, boats, trucks and pieces of equipment used for other purposes. Because vinyl tarps are so resistant to water and wind, it makes them perfect for placement over machinery and equipment that is placed outdoors for long lengths of time, or to protect against falling or disintegrating debris that may occur such as from unfinished construction sites or over the tops of dump trucks and other trucks that haul pieces of trash or debris. All in all, vinyl tarps have a number of amazing uses which explains why they are among the most popular type of tarp available.

Uses of Clear Vinyl Tarps

Clear vinyl tarps provide much of the same protection offered by opaque and colored vinyl tarps, with the added bonus of being translucent. While many people may use vinyl tarps to protect from the elements – including the UV radiation produced by the sun, which can be harmful to a number of objects – clear vinyl tarps allow UV radiation to pass through and expose the contents within to sunlight. These contents may not simply be pieces of equipment, but also people who are standing within enclosures, such as those set up in the backyard of a house during a party, or a greenhouse which requires clear vinyl tarps in order to allow sunlight in so that the plants can live and thrive.

Choosing Vinyl Tarps for Sale

Now that you understand the primary benefits of vinyl tarps and the important distinction between opaque vinyl tarps and clear vinyl tarps, you are better prepared to search the many vinyl tarps for sale and make an informed decision about which kind to buy. Remember that vinyl tarps for sale are often affordable but you should have a specific size and color in mind at purchase. 

Shop Vinyl Tarps: http://www.tarpsurplus.com/vinyl-tarp-covers.html

How to Find the Best Heavy Duty Tarps

Choosing Between Different Heavy Duty Tarps

There are several kinds of heavy duty tarps from which to choose, so how do you know which super heavy duty tarps will be best for your situation? Learn more about heavy duty tarps here.

Comparing Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

When seeking out heavy duty tarps, there are several different kinds you may need to compare and contrast to decide which is best for you. In the case of heavy duty poly tarps, they are often less heavy than some other kinds of tarps, such as canvas, which can make them more convenient to carry or bring with you in certain situations, like going camping. Super heavy duty tarps that are poly can also be used on farms to protect various pieces of machinery. When investigating tarps for sale, keep in mind that heavy duty tarps that are poly are often also the most affordable, so they’re a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Considering Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

Turning to heavy duty tarps comprised of vinyl, there are a number of considerations to be made. Heavy duty vinyl tarps are often preferred by those who work in the transportation industry and must travel long distances, for example truckers and their sort. These kinds of heavy duty tarps are preferred because they stand up well to wear and tear, such as strong winds that can lead to tearing and wearing of the heavy duty tarps for sale. Heavy duty tarps are even more resistant than some super heavy duty tarps made of canvas, which make them the first choice for many.

Contrasting Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarps

Some of the aforementioned heavy duty tarps can also serve as heavy duty waterproof tarps, again depending on their intended use. When seeking out heavy duty tarps for sale, it is wise to consider all the various features heavy duty tarps have to offer. Super heavy duty tarps are often very resistant to water damage, as are some heavy duty vinyl tarps. Choosing one over the other will depend in large part on which of the additional features these heavy duty tarps offer are of the most interest to buyers.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Choosing the Best Canvas Tarps

Best Way to Choose Great Canvas Tarps
Wondering how to go about choosing fantastic canvas tarps for all your canvas tarp needs? We can let you know all about how to choose canvas tarps for sale and what makes the best stand out from the rest.

Choosing Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps designed for heavy duty use are often fire or “flame” retardant, which means they will help whatever is being covered by a canvas tarp to not be engulfed by fire should one break out in your location. Additionally, a canvas tarp that is heavy duty will often deflect moisture from gathering atop or around it, which can be a wonderful way to fight against rust buildup on your metal machinery or equipment. Heavy duty canvas tarps are often triple stitched and have extremely thick hems, which make them extremely secure for use around gasoline, kerosene or anything else that may potentially explode. There are also exist custom canvas tarps that are also flame retardant, should you prefer to try those.

Picking Among Custom Canvas Tarps
Custom canvas tarps are extremely common, and this is for good reason. Various projects and environments need various types of custom tarps, whether they are waterproof canvas tarps or canvas tarps of a particular color or size. When searching out various canvas tarps for sale, make sure that you are fully aware of what kind of custom canvas tarps you want and what the specifications of said canvas tarps will be. For example, if you are seeking heavy duty canvas tarps, chance are that the range of sizes may be more limited than if you were seeking just a generic canvas tarp to be customized at a certain size.

Going for Waterproof Canvas Tarps
There are many kinds of waterproof canvas tarps, and often these canvas tarps have a secondary and tertiary function, as well. For example, if you choose flame retardant canvas tarp then, chances are, it will also repel water and moisture making it similar to waterproof canvas tarps. If you look to buy custom canvas tarps, many of them, too, are or can be made to be waterproof custom tarps if requested, as well as vary in size.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Buying Mesh Tarps Online

Choosing the Best Mesh Tarps to Buy

Mesh tarps are a great choice for those who work in athletics, construction or just want additional privacy at home. Learn more about what a mesh tarp can do for you and its many fantastic features.

Mesh Tarps Help for Wind

Using mesh tarps at athletic centers, construction sites or even at home can have a number of benefits for those looking for comfort and to keep an area secure. A mesh tarp will help keep the wind out because of its unique mesh design, and this can be applied in many different situations. Mesh tarps can also be used at home by normal families who live in a particularly windy area and want a mesh tarp to block wind resistance for the sake of a family mean or other family function. For athletic centers, a mesh shade tarp can also protect against the wind so that athletes can focus on their activities.

Mesh Shade Tarps Keep Out the Sun

A further benefit of mesh tarps is that it can act as a mesh shade tarp and help protect against sunlight. This is also useful for a number of different situations where sunlight can either be damaging, disorienting or distracting. For example, sun shade mesh tarps can be used in athletic and sports facilities so that sun does not get into the eyes of the players who are engaged in a game, thus diminishing their true athletic potential. Mesh shade tarps can also be used at construction sites for the betterment of workers, or at private homes for the sake of convenience and comfort.

Mesh Truck Tarps Protect from Debris

When looking at the many mesh tarps for sale, you may not at first realize that a mesh tarp is also very useful for those in the trucking industry. For example, dump trucks and other trucks that must often carry a great deal of debris use mesh tarps so that the debris does not spill over on the highway or to a place they do not want it to be. Debris protection is an enormous benefit of mesh tarps, and one of the reasons that the mesh tarp is so popular.

Bolts and Nuts of Poly Tarps

The Many Features of Poly Tarps

Poly tarps are among the most common types of tarps available, and that’s for good reason. Poly tarps are very strong and of very high quality. Learn more about poly tarps for sale and their many features.

Benefits of Poly Tarps

Poly tarps have a tremendous number of benefits which is why they are so often relied upon when needed. Poly tarps can be used at construction sites to cover debris or create enclosures. Poly tarps can also be used on the farm to protect equipment and pieces of machinery from the elements. The reliance upon poly tarps, and the reason that poly tarps for sale are so popular, stems from the high quality of its make. Poly tarps are very wind resistant, allowing them to be used in many environments. Poly tarps are also waterproof, so they can protect various pieces of equipment from the rain. Finally, poly tarps also help protect against the splattering of debris, so they can be placed over things like dumpsters when they are being moved to protect the area around.

White Poly Tarps vs. Blue Poly Tarps

While white poly tarps and blue poly tarps are functionally identical, there are individual advantages of each. White poly tarps are better at reflecting sunlight by virtue of their being white, which makes them the optimal choice for covering any equipment or other items that need particular protection from UV sunlight. White poly tarps also appear cleaner, which can make an aesthetic difference in certain situations, such as covering an outdoor enclosure in a park. Blue poly tarps, by contrast, may not have quite the amount of sunlight protection but do tend to blend into their surroundings better than white poly tarps, which make blue poly tarps more ideal for security against thieves.

Using Clear Poly Tarps
Unlike blue poly tarps and white poly tarps, clear poly tarps are not opaque and therefore allow the free flow of sunlight inside. This is ideal for situations where you do not need – indeed, do not want – sunlight to be blocked out. Examples of uses for clear poly tarps include greenhouses or other outdoor enclosures, like patios.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outdoor Events and Rain

Outdoor events are a joy for many people. They combined the fun of spending time with friends and family with the freedom of enjoying nature and fresh air. Many people choose to hold gatherings outside due to the larger amount of people that can be accommodated meaning that a large party doesn't have to pick and choose who to invite due to room constraints, instead they can a truly open ended invitation which can include surprise guests and tag-along.

Of course the issue with the outdoors is that although people can control many things, weather is not one of them and the well thought out party that anyone has planned can be ruined by a few dark clouds in the sky. Being rained out is not a good prospect for anyone. Neither is the sun beating down on the backs of party goers or formally green grassy areas that become mud pits. Using canopies to help block the rain is an easy way to avoid being rained out. This option lets the planner hold the party in just about any weather condition while still enjoying the sun when it does decide to shine or have somewhere to duck under when the sun is shining too much.

Wet and muddy ground can be covered with poly tarps, making it easy to save shoes and reduce the amount of mud and dirt tracked back home after a fun day out. Although the wonder and beauty of nature is a strong draw for many people, not many would like track it back into the home or office after a fun BBQ. This is a solution to help keep that from happening. Outdoor events can be a fun and fulfilling event for many people.

Keeping Recreational Vehicles Safe From the Elements

Being able to go out onto the open road and enjoy the country at its most free is a joy that many people partake in. Jumping into an RV or on a motorcycle with no thought but to explore for a few weeks and just enjoy the world is something that many people do in their spare time in lieu of going to an exotic destination for vacation. Some even choose to take a road trip to visit friends and family on the other side of the country instead of flying.

Unfortunately, not many people can afford the luxury of living on the road full time and must store their recreational vehicles safely during the off season so that they are not exposed to the elements which could potentially destroy or damage the equipment making it hard to use for the next season. This can be avoided by using a tarp cover to help shield these vehicles from the elements. There are tarp covers designed to fit each type of vehicle so that they are sure to offer the most coverage without waste.

Even if a custom tarp is not something that can be attained at the moment, even a normal tarp would serve to cover and protect most things. The heavy duty material that tarps are made from is rain and weather resistant and will keep the item in question from becoming rusty or damaged by the falling elements during the off season which is especially important when the owner does not have an indoor space that can easily accommodate a vehicle. These are just some minor options for keeping a recreational vehicle safe and road ready against the elements.

Instant Shelters Are for Any Time

While instant shelters might conjure up images of the zombie apocalypse, or something equally dire and fantastic as envisioned by Hollywood, they actually are incredibly useful things to have. Lightweight, portable, and easy to clean, instant shelters can be used in a wide variety of situations. They can provide shelter for hiking to partying, and everything in between. They come as vinyl tarps or canvas tarps, and depending on your particular needs, they are available in a wide variety of styles.

Almost as important as their portability, is the ease of setting an instant shelter up. If you are enjoying a round of drinks with friends in the backyard, an unexpected rainstorm does not have to stop the festivities. An instant shelter can be quickly erected, and your gathering can continue, almost uninterrupted. The same is true for hikers and campers on the trail. There are few things more uncomfortable than soggy camping equipment and clothes. An instant shelter can help mitigate exposure to the elements. Instant shelters are far more useful than Hollywood would lead us to believe, and no zombies are needed.

The Evolving Role of Tarps

When people think of tarps, they often envision military men out in the middle of nowhere, constructing a lean-to like structure and covering it with waterproof fabric. It’s not exactly the most happy-go-lucky image. However, tarpaulins and tarp covers actually have a wide range of uses and styles, and an even the material from which they are manufactured has changed over the years. Tarps are way more than plasticized army green swaths of fabric now, and their usefulness is limited only by our imagination.

Tarps have traditionally been used to cover equipment or people, protecting them from the elements. Consequently, their design has usually been utilitarian. However, now tarps are used to cover people at parties and major events. They are used to house large scale outdoor art exhibits, sporting events, and fashion shows. These new uses have given rise to tarpaulins that are highly decorative, and almost as artistic as the work that they are protecting. Gone are the days of the grey-green tarp used only for camping. Tarps today make an artistic statement all their own, and artists and advertisers are only now beginning to explore all the ways they can be used to draw our attention.