Friday, December 27, 2013

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarps

Different tarps are best suited for different situations, for example you wouldn't use the same tarp to cover a truckload that you would to use as a camping shelter. Sometimes you need a tarp that can withstand the elements, that can survive stretching and stress, and vinyl tarps are one of the best to do this. Vinyl tarps are comprised of several different layers heat sealed and made to be water proof and resistant to any wear and tear that normal tarps might not be able to withstand. Like poly tarps, they’re also waterproof. There are a couple different kinds of vinyl tarps to choose from, and you can always get them in different colors and sizes, but the bottom line is a vinyl tarp is a great choice if you need to get a strong and durable tarp for outdoor use.

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

The primary advantage that causes people to go for vinyl tarps is the added durability. Unlike poly which is made of plastic, vinyl tarps are dual bonded and heat sealed with multiple layers to ensure the maximum durability and effectiveness. This added strength makes them perfectly suited for jobs in construction, industry or agriculture. Vinyl tarp material is strong vinyl fabric highly resistant to ripping and abrasions. With a coated vinyl tarp you get the added benefit of no de-lamination that often happens over time with laminated vinyl tarps. You can also get a vinyl coated polyester tarp if you want the benefits of both of them. Whether you’re looking for a clear vinyl tarp or a white vinyl tarp, our online store has the great selection you’re looking for.

If you need the strongest and most durable tarp then vinyl is right for you!

Vinyl tarps are the best choice for lots of different outdoor tarp uses, and they come in all the different colors and specialties that you’re looking for. Vinyl is made to be strong, effective, and resistant to any ripping that can ruin a good tarp, so check out the rest of our site and find the best vinyl tarps available online! 


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