Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Using Tarps to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture in Winter

The best way to protect your outdoor furniture from winter's harsh weather conditions is to cover them with high-quality tarps (also known as tarpaulins). In addition to protecting patio tables and chairs from damage due to cold rain, ice, snow and blowing debris, you'll be able to unwrap them in the spring and use them immediately, without having a big cleanup job. Even if you don't have a cover that's specially designed for your furniture, you can easily use flat tarps to provide superior protection. Vinyl tarps are designed for outdoor use. They're waterproof, resistant to tears and UV rays, and can be used in extreme temperatures, up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

To protect your outdoor patio furniture for the winter, first clean tables and chairs before covering, and store cushions inside. Wrap each chair in a separate tarp so that it's completely covered, including the legs. Tie excess tarp material around the legs and use polyrope to hold the tarp in place (nylon rope won't hold up in harsh weather). You can also use weights such as bricks or concrete blocks. Cover each piece of furniture separately for the best fit and wrap tightly to avoid loose pockets where water can accumulate.  Place the covered table and chairs together in one space and tie them together with the polyrope. This will ensure that they will stay in place when the winds pick up. Save the tarps, rope and weights for next winter's use.


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