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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Using Tarps to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture in Winter

The best way to protect your outdoor furniture from winter's harsh weather conditions is to cover them with high-quality tarps (also known as tarpaulins). In addition to protecting patio tables and chairs from damage due to cold rain, ice, snow and blowing debris, you'll be able to unwrap them in the spring and use them immediately, without having a big cleanup job. Even if you don't have a cover that's specially designed for your furniture, you can easily use flat tarps to provide superior protection. Vinyl tarps are designed for outdoor use. They're waterproof, resistant to tears and UV rays, and can be used in extreme temperatures, up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

To protect your outdoor patio furniture for the winter, first clean tables and chairs before covering, and store cushions inside. Wrap each chair in a separate tarp so that it's completely covered, including the legs. Tie excess tarp material around the legs and use polyrope to hold the tarp in place (nylon rope won't hold up in harsh weather). You can also use weights such as bricks or concrete blocks. Cover each piece of furniture separately for the best fit and wrap tightly to avoid loose pockets where water can accumulate.  Place the covered table and chairs together in one space and tie them together with the polyrope. This will ensure that they will stay in place when the winds pick up. Save the tarps, rope and weights for next winter's use.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vinyl Tarps: When and How Best to Use Them

Vinyl tarps (also known as vinyl tarpaulins) are among the most durable type of covering you can use to protect your personal belongings from the elements. They can be used to keep vehicles, equipment, camping gear, tents and more protected from debris in the warmer months and free of snow and ice in the winter. They have a wide variety of uses, for individuals and for businesses, that it's a good idea to keep various sizes of vinyl tarps on hand. For those working on outdoor construction projects, vinyl tarps can be used to cover machinery and tools that have to be left on a job site. Use them to cover unfinished buildings, and keep loads on various types of trucks dry and securely in place during transit. Cover stacked wood, whether it's on a construction site or on a home firewood pile.

In addition to covering vulnerable possessions, they can be used as protective coverings over tents while camping, to keep occupants dry. In any circumstance where rain, snow or ice might be a concern, vinyl tarps are incredibly useful.

Vinyl tarps are constructed from synthetic plastic which is made from ethylene (an ingredient found in natural gas) and salt. Vinyl is one of the more earth-friendly materials among those that are artificially made. Compared with other tarp materials, vinyl comes out way ahead. Vinyl is waterproof, typically UV coated and can be used at up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is longer lasting and more durable than polyethylene (poly tarps) and has better resistance to tears. Under normal use, a vinyl tarp can outlast a poly tarp 10 times longer. Vinyl is stronger and more waterproof than canvas, resistant to UV rays, and can be used in either hot or cold weather. Vinyl tarps hold up well in harsh conditions.  Vinyl is also recyclable, which makes it a smart "green" choice as well.

There are two types of vinyl tarps, laminated and coated. Laminated vinyl tarps are meant for indoor use, as floor covers, salvage covers, flame retardant covers and indoor dividers. Coated vinyl tarps are designed for rugged outdoor use, to cover sports fields, construction sites, tents, equipment, and as truck covers and canopies.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Man Honors Deceased Wife with Gift of Tarps to the Homeless

This heartwarming story was originally reported by WGNS Talk Radio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Upon hearing of the need for blankets and tarps to put over tents to keep them dry, a local man who had recently lost his wife turned up to the station armed with blankets and tarps. He wished to remain anonymous, but said that he was donating the much-needed supplies in memory of his wife, focusing his love for her on helping those less fortunate. His generous gift has most likely saved lives, as the city's homeless face a cold winter with overnight temperatures dropping down to 20 degrees and below. The station's Blanket Brigade distributes blankets and tarps to homeless people around Murfreesboro.

View the full story here.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Camo Has You Covered: The Uses and Benefits of Camouflage Tarps

Of all the various colors of tarps that are available, camouflage tarps are designed for very special uses. There are both military and non-military applications for traditional camouflage coloring. This also holds true for the use of camouflage tarps, when protecting people at outdoor events and gatherings against rain and wind, and providing shade from the sun. Camouflage tarps, like all tarps, can also be used to protect valuable equipment and vehicles that are left outdoors.

Camouflage Tarps for Special Events 

A camouflage tarp, when used as a canopy cover, is ideal for a Veteran's Day commemoration, to honor the men and women who have served in our nation's armed forces. It can also be used for military fundraisers and benefits, or as a covering for an information booth at an outdoor R.O.T.C. on-campus recruiting event. Instantly recognizable, a camouflage tarp can be used at any type of military function or gathering.

Camouflage as Cover for Hunters and other Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Camouflage is traditionally used by hunters to hide them from their prey. A camouflage tarp can be used as ground cloth, a truck covering, as a hunting blind or to cover hunting equipment so it blends into the natural surroundings. Camouflage tarps can also be used while fishing, playing paintball and while engaged in other outdoor activities where the participants wish to blend

Camouflage Tarps as Tough as the Outdoors 

 in more organically with their natural environment.
You'll find that the camo tarps on our website are as rugged as the natural habitat they are designed to mimic. They're made from UV laminated polyethylene material that is waterproof, rot proof and extremely durable. Heavy duty reinforced grommets add to the ruggedness of these tarps. Camouflage tarps convey the desire to blend in and hide within one's natural habitat, while at the same time evoking America's proud military tradition. In this regard, it is unlike any other color or design, and as such, can be used very effectively for special events and under particular circumstances.