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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Most Popular Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp

There’s a big difference between a heavy duty tarp and a regular one. For one thing, heavy duty tarps are often much thicker and dual bonded to make sure there’s extra protection, everything from the grommets to the materials is made to be thicker and more resistant and reliable. A good heavy duty, or super heavy duty tarp will be able to withstand anything from the elements to scraping and resistance to stretching and heavy use. People sometimes want a heavy duty white tarp if they need to keep the temperature of their cargo down (white reflects the sun), or they want a heavy duty camo tarp if they want to keep what they’re covering with a low profile. Regardless, the heavy duty canvas tarp is the most common and popular, because it keeps things covered and protected completely.

The Most Popular Heavy Duty Tarps

The reason that the heavy duty canvas tarp is so popular is because it has so many uses. Our selection of high quality heavy duty canvas tarps can do anything from covering large truckloads to hardwood surfaces for painting to athletic fields. They've got the rigor and sturdy build to stand up to anything that you can throw at them, and they can come in any size or color that you need. Whether you want a heavy duty clear tarp so that you can keep an eye on your cargo while also making sure it’s completely protected or any color that will withstand the elements and keep your stuff safe, the heavy duty canvas tarp could be the right tarp for you!

Go with a heavy duty tarp that’s sure to fulfill any purpose you have!

If you need a heavy duty canvas tarp then it’s likely that you’ll be doing something extenuating , or you’ll be subjecting something to extenuating circumstances. With any one of our heavy duty canvas tarp you can be confident that you will defeat the elements, the circumstances, and that whatever you need covered will be kept completely safe! 

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarps

Different tarps are best suited for different situations, for example you wouldn't use the same tarp to cover a truckload that you would to use as a camping shelter. Sometimes you need a tarp that can withstand the elements, that can survive stretching and stress, and vinyl tarps are one of the best to do this. Vinyl tarps are comprised of several different layers heat sealed and made to be water proof and resistant to any wear and tear that normal tarps might not be able to withstand. Like poly tarps, they’re also waterproof. There are a couple different kinds of vinyl tarps to choose from, and you can always get them in different colors and sizes, but the bottom line is a vinyl tarp is a great choice if you need to get a strong and durable tarp for outdoor use.

Advantages of Vinyl Tarps

The primary advantage that causes people to go for vinyl tarps is the added durability. Unlike poly which is made of plastic, vinyl tarps are dual bonded and heat sealed with multiple layers to ensure the maximum durability and effectiveness. This added strength makes them perfectly suited for jobs in construction, industry or agriculture. Vinyl tarp material is strong vinyl fabric highly resistant to ripping and abrasions. With a coated vinyl tarp you get the added benefit of no de-lamination that often happens over time with laminated vinyl tarps. You can also get a vinyl coated polyester tarp if you want the benefits of both of them. Whether you’re looking for a clear vinyl tarp or a white vinyl tarp, our online store has the great selection you’re looking for.

If you need the strongest and most durable tarp then vinyl is right for you!

Vinyl tarps are the best choice for lots of different outdoor tarp uses, and they come in all the different colors and specialties that you’re looking for. Vinyl is made to be strong, effective, and resistant to any ripping that can ruin a good tarp, so check out the rest of our site and find the best vinyl tarps available online! 

Benefits of Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps

There are many different kinds of tarp out there that you can choose from, whether it be different materials, purposes, sizes, colors, and more. Making the right choice and finding the best tarp for you is about knowing what you need it for and what conditions it will be used in. Perhaps the most common and popular type of tarp is the poly tarp. This is a polyethylene made tarp with dual side coating and nylon rope reinforcement on the edges. It can be used for almost anything and is suitable for almost any conditions, and that is one reason that it is so popular. You can get anything from a brown poly tarp to a silver poly tarp, and you can use them in all different conditions, whether it be freezing arctic or sweltering desert.

Benefits of Poly Tarps

 There are many benefits to using poly tarps, for one they’re one of the less expensive choices available because polyethylene is cheaper to develop. They’re completely waterproof, they maintain flexibility in arctic and freezing conditions unlike many other types of tarp which get rigid and thus become vulnerable to ripping. On the environmental flip side poly tarps also handle the sun very well, in the Arizona desert heat many types of tarp will peel or weaken, but poly tarps are much more durable. They are lighter than most other kinds of tarp, and this is dually beneficial because not only do people generally want lighter tarps, but it brings down shipping costs as well. You can get all different kinds, sizes, and colors, from a white poly tarp to a blue poly tarp you can always get the exact kind that you want. With their range of benefits and affordable cost, poly tarps may be the perfect choice for you!

Take your pick of poly tarps from our wide selection!

Oftentimes people simply want the most durable and flexible tarp, the one that will keep them covered and withstand the elements, and poly tarps are more than capable of doing this. We’ve got a wide selection of the best poly tarps on the internet, so take a look and find the one that’s right for you.

Who May Need Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Tarps

Sometimes you just need a tarp for something simple, like a canvas tarp when you’re doing some painting, or a poly tarp to do a little camping out in the woods, but in other situations you could be up against the full force of mother nature, and that’s where heavy duty tarps come in. There are many different people in many different situations that may need heavy duty tarps, some of which may not know or expect it. For instance, pickup truck tarps are often not considered heavy duty, but if you live in the desert, like perhaps Arizona, then it’s common for your standard tarp to be rotting and destroyed within a year due to the sheer power and magnitude of the sun. A heavy duty tarp is the answer to that problem, and to many more!

Who Need Heavy Duty Tarps?

People often need tarps to withstand the elements, and if they’ll be doing so incessantly or intensely then a heavy duty tarp is likely the answer. If you need a tarp to cover a large amount of dirt that you’ll be moving or shoveling then you may want heavy duty considering all the scraping that will come from rocks and sediments. If you need to cover something in an environment where there’s snow, hail, or lots of rain, or even just a very strong and powerful sun, then a heavy duty tarp may be the answer. If you need a tarp that will stay strong, won’t rip or be too damaged in a big storm or for your boat, then a heavy duty tarp may be the answer. The bottom line is, if you need to ensure the strength and security of your tarp against the elements then a heavy duty tarp will get the job done!

Make sure your tarp can get the job done!

Having a ripped tarp, or a tarp that doesn't work properly and allows what you need protected to be damaged can be a great annoyance. A tarp heavy duty makes sure that this doesn't happen, that you’re always adequately protected against anything that comes! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Select the Right Lightweight Tarp

Tarps are commonly very heavy for numerous reason: for one the heavier ones are commonly the thicker and thus provided the most thorough and reliable protection (though this isn't always the case), also it’s common for people to want tarps to be heavier so that they won’t come off easily through things like the wind. However lightweight tarps can be more desirable and effective for numerous reasons as well. They can be easier to install and use, cheaper to ship, and are often just as effective as heavier ones in terms of how durable they are. Furthermore, they’re very popular to use while camping since they can function as tents and many other things and aren't difficult to carry around.

Select the Right Lightweight Tarp

When it comes to a lightweight tarp shelter the best choice is poly tarp. It’s effective as a means of shelter because it’s waterproof, and it is very light and easy to travel with. There are many different kinds of lightweight tarp, they can be poly, nylon, canvas, and more. Nylon is another good choice for lightweight tarp camping, or to make a lightweight tarp tent, because it’s similar to poly in its ability to hold off the elements. Also, for camping, and especially for hunting, a lightweight camo tarp will likely be the best choice to keep yourself concealed and low profile. Whether it be nylon or poly, and whether you want a lightweight tarp for camping or canvassing, our online store has a great selection of all the tarps that you could need!

Take your pick of the best lightweight tarp selection at our online store!

Knowing which tarp lightweight is best for you all depends on knowing what you need it for. A camping tarp will be quite different from a canvas tarp regardless of whether it’s lightweight or not. However our online store offers a wealth of information about all our types of tarp, their uses, and how to make sure that you get the right one for you. Take a look around our online store and find the perfect lightweight tarp today! 

Best Clear Tarps for Your House

Clear Tarps

Tarps are the choice for you if you ever need to keep something covered, to shelter it from the elements, from weather or abrasions, but this kind of covering can also be tough if you need to keep your eye on something. After all, having to continually lift and undo a tarp to look at something can be a huge pain, and it can also be obsolete if you need to keep close track of the progression or quality of something (like lots of vegetation or fruit). This is why many people in such situations turn to clear tarps. Clear tarps are highly useful because not only do they keep your cargo safe and covered, as well as allowing continuous viewing, they also allow the sun to get through, which is often hugely important when dealing with agriculture, vegetables or fruit.

Best Clear Tarps for Your House

If you only need to keep something covered, and don’t have to worry about exposing it to the elements or having it handled and dealt with then you can use a clear plastic tarp without having to worry about grommets to keep it tethered. However, there are also good options for clear tarp with grommets, so no matter what you need you can always get a clear tarp. Clear tarp greenhouse is the best option for you to keep your agriculture covered up and safe while also making sure that it gets all the sunlight that it needs.  It doesn't matter if you need a simple clear tarp or clear plastic tarp with grommets, they’re a fantastic choice for you if you need protection with hiding something.

Take your pick of great clear tarps at our online store!

We know that you won’t always need the same kind of tarp, nor the same size or design, so that’s why our online store is here to offer you any and all the tarps that you need for any situation. We've also got some great clear tarps, ruggedly designed and resistant to any tears or rips so you can trust it to do an effective and comprehensive job in keeping your things safe.