Monday, June 1, 2015

Pitch Your Own Tarp Hammock

Who needs a rigid, expensive hammock when you can quickly rig one up with an affordable, versatile tarp? Ideal for any outdoorsy type, tarps can easily be transformed into covers for relaxing loungers in the woods with just a few simple tools and some panache. All you need is it a tarp — we recommend a square or rectangular tarp; and an 8-foot by 10-foot tarp works best) and roughly 9 feet of line or rope. You can also use carabineers (climbing clips) if you’d rather not deal with knots.

To rig a tarp hammock, start by tying securing one end of the line to the tarp and then wrap the line around the tree and back through the line’s loop. Pull tightly and create a secure knot. Next, secure the other end of the line to another tree or post and then secure that end appropriately. You’ll want to make sure the line is taut enough to hold the tarp up while you adjust it. While the line or rope is somewhat loose, adjust and center the tarp and then tighten the line to secure it in place. Finally, sit back and relax in your cozy outdoor oasis.


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